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REACHING OUT THE UNREACHED.  Don’t get stuck with just Credit Card customers and Accept Cash Payments using our inexpensive cash payment processing system. Research says 30% of US consumers prefer to use CASH for payment and these consumers. Read more»

PINPAL is an Electronic Distribution/Prepaid Payment Processing Platform that supplies limitless electronic payment products/services to merchants through its point of sale terminals since 2003. With a quality agent support, we help our ISOs and Retailers to stay profitable in extremely competitive prepaid market. Read more»

PPC offers ACH Processing Solutions for businesses utilizing the auto-ship, recurring billing or automated billing model. These companies rely on payments from consumers on a recurring/non-recurring basis, as set by a specific billing schedule. Read more»


Auto-Recharge is a simplest way for customers to refill their prepaid plan monthly with their credit card which allows Retailers and Distributors to earn full profit from every single payments. Retailers can retain their customers for years and make steady monthly profit from it. Mobile Operators and Billers will see the dramatic churn rate drop in no-time. Read more»


PPC Communications, Inc. provides you with a wide variety of Credit Card Processing Solutions by customizing different business types and meeting business owners’ needs. Our specialized solution allows you to accept a full array of payment processing including all major credit cards, debit and check solutions to make your business process efficient and better.Read more»


U.S.-based Customer Care is here to assist all of our Customers promptly and professionally. From weekly payment and card usages questions. Our Customer Care is available to help you with your accounts and answer questions when you need assistance or more information. Furthermore, Customer Care will provide information to customers in response to inquiries about products and services and will also explain how to use account features and solve customer application and internet problems. We are committed to offering our customers the highest possible standards of service.