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Retail Account

PPC Communications, Inc. provides you with a wide variety of credit card processing solutions by customizing different business types and meeting business owners’ needs.  Our specialized solution allows you to accept a full array of payment processing including all major credit cards, debit and check solutions to make your business process efficient and better.

This solution is designed to improve your business no matter your size or industry.  Trmendous benefits are allowed for restaurants, retail stores, and any other business to accept consumer’s credit cards to be swiped through card machines and pc based processing.


Benefits :

  • No application fee
  • No setup fee
  • Lowest processing fees no matter of your business types
  • Instant transaction processing
  • Most powerful network with Telephone and IP terminals
  • Secure transaction for credit and debit card
  • Various tip options (after or before transaction authorization)
  • Customer-friendly customer service with your language
  • Instant approval and set-up within next day


Retail Processing Methods

Credit Card Terminals

are the easiest, most common, and securest way to process credit cards.  Credit card terminals are low cost, easy to use, and allow you to process your customer’s cards without any additional equipment or software.  Terminals are the standard way to process credit cards for the majority of retail businesses in the US.

PC Processing Software

Is another very fast and convenient method of processing credit cards that is more desirable for some businesses.  With a PC processing program and a magnetic card reader, you can turn a computer into a credit card terminal, with features such as keyed entry, advanced reporting, and recurring billing.