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About Us

PPC Communications, Inc., Established in 1993, is one of the top providers of long distance products, POSA and prepaid wireless solutions.  With a vast distribution that spans across the United States with over 10,000+ dealers, we have established a solid reputation as a stable, reliable supplier of prepaid products; providing excellent customer service, competitive rates, and excellent quality of products to all of our customers. PPC has unparalleled experience in the wholesale industry. With over 400+ wholesalers and dealers selling our prepaid products for over 20 years, we are ALWAYS looking for new dealers and wholesalers.  PPC offers 100’s of products, including all major wireless carriers, all IMTUs, and long distance Pinless products such as Boss Revolution POSA and Boss Revolution Portal. We are Master Distributors for BOSS REVOLUTION/IDT and partnering with master agents for AT&T WIRELESS, T-MOBILE, SIMPLE MOBILE, TRACFONE, NET 10, PAGEPLUS, TELCEL AMERICA, H2O, LYCA, AIRVOICE, and TOTAL CALL.



PPC Communications Inc. main object is simple. We will continue to strive to maintain our reputation of providing high quality service to all of our customers, while actively expanding our distribution channels.  With this commitment to our customers, PPC Communications Inc., has been able to become the reputable and most reliable distributor of a prepaid industry.  Our first and foremost priority is Customer satisfaction. We will go out of our way to guarantee the stock of all of our products, and to provide the most competitive rates in the industry.


Future Plans and Directions

Currently PPC Communication Inc. diligently working hard to expand worldwide to a more point of sales locations and distributors with our PINPAL system around the world. Through this easy to use, secure system, retailers from all over the world can sell a vast range of prepaid products. For more information on our vast portal system, or for a demo, please contact us.