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PINPAL is an Electronic Distribution/Prepaid Payment Processing Platform that supplies limitless electronic payment products/services to merchants through its point of sale terminals since 2003. With a quality agent support, we help our ISOs and Retailers to stay profitable in extremely competitive prepaid market.  Our goal is to SIMPLIFY your prepaid needs with one innovative solution. Eliminate your inventory!  By introducing innovative services such as AUTO-RECHARGE PAYMENT and SMART ACTIVATION, we can help our distributors stay ahead of the market. It is PINPAL’s core mission and goal to constantly adapt to meet the ever changing prepaid environment!

  • POSA Terminal – PPC Communications offers Prepaid Products through the POSA Terminal, which enables retail owners to sell long distance calling products, prepaid wireless payments and international top ups using a telephone line. The POSA Terminal is the future of prepaid. No hard cards, no internet, and no inventory management are required!
  • PC Terminal – PC Terminal is essential for wholesalers and retailers to get up to date transaction and sales data. Retail Partners that have internet access can take advantage of our PC based system for a better integrated experience. Features include live chat for customer service, Smart Activation, ad hoc reporting, pin cancelation, and Auto-Recharge Payment.
  • Mobile Terminal – MobiPIN is our innovative system that allows retail store owners to make sales from their smart phones. This is a quick and simple way for retailers to supply prepaid products to their customers on the go!  MobiPIN is a great feature to use when other options are not available.